Entry 66, Fluidity in practice.

Today has been a day for rest and relaxation. I meditated for a bit, walked my friends dog in the rain, played some games and watched a couple movies. The only drama I experienced today was either in a game or in a movie. I was going to take a picture of a page in my journal to write about until the moment I went to set up my webcam my hands became very itchy, so I stopped and decided to just start writing.

It is a rare event that I get two days off in a row and today has been day two of my break from work. Yesterday I went out and took part in a card game (Magic: The Gathering) tournament for the first time in about twenty years and I promptly got my ass whooped. I learned a valuable lesson from that whooping, Adhering too strictly to an idea or plan can stifle it’s potential whereas allowing that idea/belief to naturally develop can unlock the potential that is at first unseen. Forcing something to be as I think it should be will only limit its potential and lead to frustration when it fails to meet my expectations. Of course I am referring directly to deck building in this case although the same philosophy translates to pretty much anything else in life.

I also got to experience first hand the growth that comes with diversity and exposure to other ideas. I have been able to adjust my process for deck building because of my experience of playing with a larger variety of players than I had previously available. The same principle can be applied to all ideas, philosophies, beliefs and so on.

When I was a Practicing Auto-collision repair tech I had several apprentices work with me and the one thing that I told each of them was this “Learn everything you can from each tech you meet whether you think you know better or not, Then when you are a tech yourself use whatever works best for you”. This idea is something I forgot to continue applying to my own life over time and resulted in my toolkit becoming stunted. Learn ideas and techniques from everyone and use the ones that work best at that time.

I am having these seemingly simple lesson taught to me on a daily basis that remind me there is no “one right path” to take. I have to find the path which flows best for me and then walk that path until it no longer flows at which point I must alter direction and so on. I have said many times over the past few yeas that I don’t deal in absolutes, what I meant was that I don’t use words like “never” or “Always” when I speak which is mostly true 🙂 .

I think I have been searching for an “absolute” path or the one right way to live my life. The fact that I kept facing the reality of my path requiring alteration was then frustrating for me because I was not finding what I was looking for. I have been so focused on making my beliefs follow one truth or ideal that I missed the point entirely. Life is constantly evolving and there is an ebb and flow to it that defies uniform ideas. There is no final answer to the question because with each new moment the question evolves along with my circumstances.

Living in the moment can be a really hard idea to really grasp ahold of, maybe because its a not a solid idea but a fluid one. The only way to understand it is to flow with it and the moment I try to contain it, it simply flows from my understanding.

This is a very intriguing thought, Perhaps there really are no absolutes in this universe besides the ones that are man-made and those are all the result of resisting the natural flow of the universe. Evolution is our birthright and it cannot be denied no matter how determined man is to contain, control or stop it.

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