Entry 65, Cabbies wisdom

During my cab ride home the other day something happened that I made a point to write down the moment I got home, I then forgot about it as I usually do once I write something down. I found it today and it got me thinking again, so here it is. As we were passing an older person with a walker who was struggling to pick up something they had dropped The cab driver commented ” The oxygen tank is still smok’n, People round here don’t know when to give up” At first this caught me by surprise. I think it was the honesty within his statement as it wasn’t hateful or mean spirited, just his honest observation. It got me wondering how many other things I see differently because I might see it as being mean or heartless.

Is there a trend among our culture to praise the people who fight till the end and never give up? I think its safe to say that there are people who feel that way and who would see the ones who choose not to fight as weak. I myself was one of those people who viewed the fighters with high regard and considered everyone else a quitter, considering the term quitter to be a bad thing. My perspective has changed quite a bit over the past few years as I see the ones who won’t give up or quit as the ones who continue to suffer as I did. I wonder if this mentality is encouraged because it keeps people from rising above the conflict and finding peace. Is it an idea that we have learned to think is admirable and desirable even though when viewed without Bias ( like my cab driver) is seen as being silly or sad. Is the struggle really worth it in the end?

When I was younger, My friend and I stopped at a bank so he could do a transaction. As he was on his way out a man ran past him and flew out of the doors in front of him, He wondered what the hell was his deal? When he got outside he saw the man helping a woman get to her feet who had tripped on the last step of some stairs right in front of the bank. My friend had not even seen the woman fall and it had happened almost right beside him , he walked by and got into the truck where he saw me. I was looking away and trying not to laugh as I had seen the whole thing and found it all to be very amusing. To this day some of the funniest things I have ever seen are people falling and that includes myself as I have had some pretty spectacular falls in my day, some of which I have seen on video and laughed at. Does that make me a bad person for laughing at another persons misfortune or a good person for finding the humor in someone’s learning experience?

I am neither a good person nor a bad person, Just a person who finds a lot of things funny much to the dissatisfaction of those people who take things very seriously. The more rigid the beliefs that I hold, The more conflict I find trying to defend or enforce those beliefs. If someone chooses to struggle and fight then that is there choice and they can have it along with all of the glory they believe is waiting for them at the end. I have found that taking life seriously only puts me into a downward spiral towards depression and learning to relax and find relief has taken me quite a while to get a handle on. I am still figuring this all out as I think that I have a few more old rigid beliefs that I haven’t even uncovered yet.

Seeing life the way I currently do, Me in a boat flowing down the river of life. Fighting and struggling represents trying to paddle against the current upstream and quitting or giving up is letting the current take me. Eventually I will end up in the same place whether I struggle or not so why not relax and try to enjoy the ride as much as I can?

Another way to say It is this : We are all going to die. Do I want to live a life of strife and struggle or a life of peace and joy? I’ll admit that a little drama can be very exciting although I would rather experience that drama in a movie than in my real life.



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