Day 62, Shit-head kids

Today was pretty hectic at work as we were slightly understaffed and busier than we usually are. I got to do some tasks that I had never done before simply because there was no one else available and thankfully I  fumbled my way through them. My first reaction was to panic a little and look for a way out, when I realized there was no escape I settled in and focused on the task at hand.

I was pleasantly surprised by some of my staff who stepped up and delivered some top notch performances today when I needed them the most. There was even a fist fight that broke out between some boys at the park today which was broken up by one of my staff pretty quickly for which he was rewarded with one of the moms tearing a strip off of him for yelling at her son. She only saw my staff yelling at her son and her son playing victim which made mama bear pretty defensive.

Once everyone vented to me and calmed down a bit I was able to get both sides of the story and explain to both sets of parents that the boys had been throwing insults at each other and roughing each other up while playing some dodgeball. This continued to escalate as the boys took turns picking on each other until they ended up fighting. There was no victim just two participants which I was able to communicate the parents and asked the moms for their help in explaining to their kids to get a staff member the next time someone harasses them so we can deal with it before it escalates.

I have been seeing events like this happen pretty often lately where both fighters run to their parents and claim to be the victim and the parents go wild and threaten to beat the shit out of each other. All I do is stay calm while they tell me how mad they are and how bad the other parent is and their little shit-head kid. I get the story from both kids and my staff if I have someone who saw what went down or I watch the cameras. During this time the kids usually want to go back to playing as they realize that the truth will come out.

Then I get the pleasure of explaining to the parents who moments ago wanted blood that their little victimized angel was trying to bully the other kid and got punched for his trouble. The next step is usually a mix of embarrassment or shock on the parents faces as they realize that they had been played by their kids. I can only hope that this opens their eyes and both the parents and the kids get a little wiser because I would rather not listen to parents threaten each other each time their shit-head children start something that they can’t finish.

Today was an adventure where I was once again put to the test and have come out stronger and more confident in my ability to “Weather the storm”

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