Day 58, Work drama

I am faced with what I see as a difficult situation at work. There are three assistant managers, one manager in house, one manager deported and one Regional manager who visits once a month. I am one of the assistant managers and we three more or less run the place it seems as the in-house manager has only started to develop a backbone and lay down the law when she feels like it. There are certain expectations placed upon the assistant managers as far as tasks to perform and responsibilities.

Two (my self and “Theresa”)of us are making a solid effort to learn and grow to benefit the park whereas the third(“Judas”) is more interested in dodging the responsibilities and being friends with all of the staff. This has been going on for a while and both Theresa and I used to be of a similar mind before I broke my foot although I was not so concerned with people liking me just with dodging certain responsibilities. In my absence Theresa stepped up to take on some of the tasks that I was doing and has continued to make improvements and since my return I have taken steps to tackle the aspects of the job that I used to avoid.

Judas has made no effort to improve and has simply learned how to fake his tasks and cruise on by. This is now affecting Theresa and I more as we have to clean up after him and the work load that he dodges is landing directly in our laps. My In-house manager is aware of these things and has not been able to deal with it at all. I am friendly with Judas and we get along well enough as we work together a fair bit. I know that if the regional manager knew what the rest of us knew, Judas would be gone tomorrow.

My issue is this, Things cannot continue as they are without me growing to resent Judas as I am already beginning to do. It doesn’t feel right to tell on him to the regional boss-man and my in-house manager isn’t doing anything. Theresa and I are now faced with the situation that we are both complicit in his failings because we keep our mouths shut, not wanting to pass judgement on our peer. I am faced with the idea of talking to Judas and explaining my side of things to see if he can shake himself out of apathy. If he doesn’t change his ways then I may have to stop holding my tongue because his actions are at my expense.

I suppose I am resistant to the idea of talking to him because I am assuming it will go badly. When really I am feeling bad because I am carrying his burden for him and I should just hand it back and say carry it yourself. My plan is to talk to him tomorrow before we open the park and explain that his inaction is leaving more work for me and negating the work that I am doing to train the staff. If nothing else I think I will feel better having expressed my concerns and I will not cover for him at my expense going forward.

I don’t want this to make working with him awkward, I do want this to make working with him enjoyable. I suppose it’s already awkward for me because I am having an issue with his methods and the only way to make it better is to deal with the issue head on. The same approach I have been taking with the work tasks that I had been avoiding.  I have nothing to gain by ignoring the thorn in my side and everything to gain by pulling it out. Even though the act of pulling it out might be uncomfortable I can imagine a sense of relief after it is done. That is what I am looking for after all is that feeling of relief.

This is what I want to say ” I am not in a position to discipline you or give you shit.I can tell you that each time you dodge a problem or responsibility you are just leaving it for someone else to deal with. That someone is me and I am  just trying to do my job which is the same job you have, your actions are making my job harder to accomplish which I do not appreciate. ”

I’ll see where it goes from there. I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about this chat tomorrow.

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