Day 50, Clutter and Cleaning

Today marks not only my fifty blog post milestone but is also the day the last of Eli’s stuff left the apartment. Eli is my roommates brother who was staying on our couch for a bit while he got his shit together. With Eli’s stuff out of the way my roommate and I cleaned and reorganized the shared living space and it is so much nicer than it was. It smells better and flows better as there is more space to move around. The dog even started napping again on the couch Eli had laid claim too. There are three of us that actually live here although one has been living at his new home while he fixes it up until he plans to move at the end of this month. When that happens we are going to do a full inventory of the kitchen and clean the hell out of that too as there is a fair bit of clutter.

It is so invigorating for me to get my living space sorted, organized and clean. My idea of clean is probably not on par with everyone’s out there but I do like to have things organized in a way that it’s all accessible and there is open space to work with (like clear counter space). I find that cleaning my living space is mentally and spiritually therapeutic as my physical environment is a reflection of my internal space meaning I think clearer when my mental counter is clear.

It is interesting how this works in a shared space as I don’t actually own any of the furniture or stuff in the apartment aside from the stuff in my room. My influence seems to affect the organization and clutter of the space more than the contents of it. I haven’t really spent much time paying attention to this interaction before even though I have shared living space for the better part of the last thirty-five years aside from the one year I lived alone. When I lived alone I rented a furnished suite with futon, table and tv stand. Aside from the things that came with the place I had nothing on the walls and no decorations to speak of, just blank space which I really like.

Growing up I used to have my walls covered in pictures of whatever I was into at the time whether it was skateboarding, paintball, movies ( sometimes those pictures were there to cover holes in the walls) and now I have nothing on my walls. It could be that I am a blank slate as a result of my mental decluttering or maybe that I don’t get attached to things anymore. It also could be this minimalist mentality that I have developed to allow myself more freedom and peace of mind. I do see things that I really like but until I feel like settling somewhere I don’t see the point is gathering un-necessary things or spending the money on stuff that I’m not actually going to use. I am certainly that guy who chooses function over form every time.

When I visit someone else’s home I can tell a lot about the owner by the way there living space is laid out and decorated. It’s hard for me to look at my own room the same way because I know the reason why I have each and every item that’s in there. I do have a few small things that carry sentimental value which can fit in a normal sandwich bag and one foot-and-a-half statue that I found in a salvaged car when I worked at the auto-wrecker. Besides those small items I do  not keep anything unless I have a use for it. I guess I do have some decorations then as I just described some items that I keep around which are not actually useful. I just remembered I also have a photo album that my Mom made for me with pictures from the time I was born till I got married. All of these items are linked to various times in my life almost forming a timeline.

I wonder if those items represent my attachment to my past and/or my unwillingness to truly let go of my history. The fact that they are in my space and belong to me means that my vibration has kept them here. Do these items represent joy? or do they more likely resemble my attachment to past experiences?  Are they chains of resistance preventing me from Flowing towards new experiences?

For sure They are things I have become attached to, I am unsure if that is a hindrance to me or not. If I wasn’t connected to these things I would not have kept them around as I would see them as clutter. I am sure I will see some more examples like this in the coming days which will provide a clearer perspective on this matter.


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