Day 49, JP 26, Poetry + Flow

I still haven’t figured out why I am always in a hurry and maybe I don’t have to. Perhaps I just have to recognize when I am rushing and take a moment to ease-up at that time. In this way I will be taking baby steps towards relief each time I find myself in a hurry. This will allow me to release a little resistance at a time and make gradual progress towards my goal using the “slow and steady” method. For the time being this is the strategy that I am going to implement in my life and see how things go…

page 26

[[[[ The World around me is the Reflection of my current Vibration.

“I am made of the earth and of Water,

I am influenced by fire and by wind,

I am shaped by my intent,

I am driven by my desire,

I am the sum of my experience,

The center of my universe,


We are all equal, in status and worth.

“The past is long gone,

The future is around the Corner,

The infinity in between belongs to me,

This moment is all I own and

I Will Ever need”

To judge another is to judge myself for the others are Reflections of self. Choose instead to praise Their freedom for their freedom is a Reflection of mine. to love another is to love myself for love is a Reflection of Self. In others I choose to see their freedom to choose love and freedom for they are a Reflection of myself. ]]]

I guess we all have the potential to be poets after all and there are more poems in the coming pages of my journal. It was a somewhat short lived phase as I haven’t had the urge to write poems since. I thrive on imagery and visualization which I think putting these ideas into poems helped me to picture the feeling a bit better. This will come up again as I delve deeper into my journal and I actually illustrate my ideas.

One thought that jumped into my mind when I read this today was this, is it my “current vibration” or is it the “vibration of my current”? the way I interpret this is my “current vibration” as in the signal I am sending out right this moment and the “vibration of my current” means that my energy flow sets the tone of that signal. They might just be two different ways of saying the same thing.

If my emotion indicates how my vibration relates to that of source(love/God/universe) in the terms of feeling good means its a closer match and feeling bad means a greater gap between the two then the feeling of relief indicates closing the gap and the feeling of anxiety (not sure if this is the best word here) would indicate a widening gap. Perhaps my sense of urgency comes from feeling anxiety as my gap widens and I hurry in an effort to recover, which only separates me further from source. “The spice must flow”

If the only way to close the gap between me and myself (source/god/love/universal energy)is to find the feeling of relief then that is all that really matters. Relief is the indicator of my gap closing so how can I best find relief? Relief is found when I release resistance which means removing the barriers that restrict my energy flow. The better I feel the more energy I have, It might actually be the other way around where the more energy I have the better I feel. So my work is to weaken those barriers I have built up over the years as I discover them which with bring increased energy flow and relief with it.

Go with the Flow.


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