Day 46, JP 25, Quotes and saying’s

page 25

Lot of saying’s on this page, A friend of mine would call them “Buddha quotes”

[[[[I Love you so much, I don’t care what you think.

I make a better friend than…

Learning is finding out What I already know. Doing is demonstrating that I know it. Teaching is reminding others that they Know just as well as I do.

Argue for my limitations and sure enough they’re mine.

My conscience is the measure of the honesty of my selfishness. Listen carefully.

In every moment is an eternity, in which my Vibration is matched. Every molecule and atom can be wanted or unwanted. In every moment my feelings tell me which way I am leaning and how far.

Coming into alignment is the ultimate sexual experience. Mating my physical and spiritual selves in ecstasy.

Do my best to enjoy life in every moment. That’s my Job, that’s my work. 🙂 ]]]]

Like I said , lots of saying’s or quotes in many of these instances. The first five I think came from the author “Abraham Hicks” and the second half are original as far as I know.

I love you so much, I don’t care what you think. This is so powerful as it means that I care enough about you as to keep myself in an emotional position so that I can be of real value to you. This one has been and still is a challenge for me as I have placed a lot of value on the opinions of others throughout my life. Truth be told, the less I care about what people think the more love I have to spread around.

I make a better friend than.. fill in the blank. Son, Brother, Boss, Worker, husband or any other title that fits. I am not saying that I have always been a great friend either as the truth is the exact opposite. I have been the worst friend at times and the first statement still holds true in my eyes. I make a better friend than ________. The moment another title is placed upon me it comes with responsibilities and expectations that I will one day fail to meet.

The learning passage is quite spiritual because it refers to each of us having access to the same flow of energy or knowledge although not all of us have allowed it to flow through us.

How many times has anyone seen those posts that say “I bet no one shares this”? In my mind I always say “wish granted” and move on. I tell myself to be aware of what I am wishing for, because I usually get it. The key is knowing whether I am wishing for the wanted or unwanted aspect which is know by the feeling/instinct. It can be hard to know what I am feeling when my mind is filled with garbage like “I bet no one shares this” or “I bet not one of my friends will like this”. Meditation is an amazing tool for clearing the mind and allowing clear thoughts.

In every moment… poetry and truth. yin and yang, white and black, the duality of man. there are two sides to everything and learning how to focus on the side that is wanted is the real art. I am but a student of the craft, breaking down the falsities that I have learned on my way to this moment, in hopes of regaining my natural sight which has been obscured by years of built up filters developed to avoid upsetting the status quo.

Life is sexual, Look around at nature and you will see the signs everywhere. Only in man-made structures and organizations are limitations and stigma associated with sex.

In this moment, I seek Relief from any and all burdens which distract me from the joy of my journey. This is my Work.



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