Day 39, JP 17

page 17

who wrote this chicken scratch? lol Even my writing style is the product of being in a hurry.

[[[[the one Thing I’m passionate about is Wanting to Feel passion. The Pivot of Fearing the feeling of fear.

the circumstances don’t matter to me anymore. I just want the feeling. The universe Knows exactly what specifics are best for me. I Want to feel passion, I Want to feel abundance, I Want to feel love, I Want to feel strong emotions.

It’s so simple. No more chasingĀ  circumstances or events. Just feeling the feelings I Want to feel. I’m Right were I should be. I’m learning what I Wanted to learn, Every place I have been has been the right place at the right time. I am learning to be honest with myself and to trust my feelings. I am learning to recognize my feelings as guidance and am feeling things I had blocked out for years.]]]]

I talked a bit about how I had become accustomed to not wanting anything prior because wanting something that I know I can’t have feels bad and I didn’t believe I could have anything. I also talked before about how I was craving powerful emotions because that’s what it was going to take for me to feel them at all. Today I would say that the emotion I am wanting is to find relief, The sensation of resistance dissipating.

I talk about the circumstances not being as important as how I feel which was pretty optimistic looking back now as I had a lot of barriers to break down before my circumstances were going to change. I am pretty sure that all of the feeling I express a desire for here I am wanting because I didn’t feel like I had them already which means my attention was on what I was missing.

As I read further down the page I can see that I was working things out to where I felt better at the end than when I started which is the same tactic I use today when doing a fresh entry. I start with the topic that is bothering me and I work through it until I feel some relief which signals a shift in my vibration. I recognize that I don’t have it all figured out and that I am learning as I go.

I share that feeling today as I believe that I am capable of finding relief in whatever comes my way. I have more tools in my belt and more experience at using them than ever before. I have never been better prepared than I am right now and that feels pretty good.

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