Day 38, Slowing down.

Today I saw my Doctor appointed to me by Worker’s compensation for the first time. We got right down to it, looking at all of my x-ray’s and he was able to show me and explain in greater detail what was going on. I have two breaks in my ankle one on  the bottom  edge of the fibula and the other on the inside of my foot on the talus bone. Both breaks have left chunks of bone sticking out from where they were originally and they are healing that way. The protruding bits may not be an issue over time but if I cannot walk properly after six months or so then I may go under the knife to remove the chunk or chunks. After getting a better understanding of the breaks I now understand why I have been having trouble increasing my range of motion leaning forward and why I have been hearing some snap, crackle and pops in my foot from time to time.

left ankle diagram

I am still learning to slow down and my busted ankle is actually helping me do that or at least encouraging me too. I have been a little too eager at work which has strengthened the muscles at the cost of flexibility, I do not want a strong club foot, I want a Flexible, agile strong foot. Even my physiotherapist told me to stop doing strengthening exercises and focus solely on range of motion. I haven’t done any strengthening on my own aside from walking since but I am worried that I am not doing enough stretching because it hurts to stretch it out after being on my feet for half the day. Today I started doing my stretching exercises intermittently while at  work which I think has helped a bit.

It makes sense to take more breaks and work on the range of motion more often as this will allow me to heal better. I am not used to taking breaks in the middle of tasks or jobs so this is new territory for me. My usual method is to work until the job is finished without stopping and then rest which has lead me to where I am now. This is when I get to listen to my own advice ” If I don’t like the results, it’s time to try a different approach”. Maybe if I take more breaks and work on my range of motion I will have more energy after work, That would be nice as I have been exhausted everyday since returning to work.

I have been able to shift my values/beliefs as to keep my calm while at work and even get some satisfaction from it so why not try another shift of ideas to see if I can keep my energy level up too.



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