Day 34, Monkey see, Monkey do

Yesterday at work I became very aware of how the law of attraction has been functioning at my workplace. Even before I broke my foot there was a culture of people believing that they could choose which parts of the job that they would do and which parts were below them. This attitude has been a constant for as long as I have worked there and has been a constant struggle between management, leaders and general staff. It wasn’t until yesterday that I was able to see the pattern clearly and the pattern is this: Members of management (including myself) feel that they are above certain tasks and have been choosing to avoid or not do those tasks using their position in the hierarchy as an excuse. The management have had to use brute force and discipline to coerce the staff into doing their entire job which has caused a rift in the overall team (no matter your title you are all on the same team just with different jobs).

The CORE issue as I see it is that just like parents telling their kids how to behave , the kids learn to behave just like the parents. Do as I say, not as I do, doesn’t work on the contrary monkey see, monkey do does work. I cannot force the rest of the team to change their behavior without causing more conflict but I can change my behavior and watch them learn from me. I have made the choice to do my best at all aspect of my job including answering phones (my least favorite) for as long as I am there. I immediately felt some of my own resistance to my job fade away as I made this decision and without forcing anything outside myself to change, I became a little bit happier.

The effect of a persons attitude spreads as far as their influence which is often further than you might expect. In an environment with a hierarchy the attitude of those in leadership roles will carry more impact to those below them on the power scale. It is important to remember that although their rank might be higher everyone is on the same team and simply has different jobs to do. Any team is only as strong as its weakest link and in my case the weakest link has been the management crew (including me) who have been using their false sense of power/entitlement to mask that weakness.

Seeing as how I am on a crusade to  release as much resistance as I can in all aspects of my life this has been a somewhat exciting realization. The impact of this idea translates to the rest of my life as well, in how many other areas do I use a false sense of power to mask my own weakness?  Food for thought.

2 thoughts on “Day 34, Monkey see, Monkey do

  1. As someone who had moved up to PM/ crew chief positions on jobs, I can relate to the power struggle for sure. A lot of the people I work with are older and more experienced while I’m the “young buck” that just so happens to be in higher power. Some times I have to tell people what to do to get the job done and they can take it the wrong way like I’m bossing them around. I’ve learned to take several tactics to appear on the same level of power but I think being open to ideas (especially in my industry as there are lots of ways to do stuff) of others and to put trust in people to make them feel in control can be a good way to mitigate power struggle. That being said, I find it’s really important to know the processes of the job and execute them with conviction and strong communication. Thanks for the read!

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    1. Agreed , in the workplace there are expectations on how things need to be done according to policy. Like you said its best to be open to new ways of achieving those standards as even just hearing out co-workers opinions will bolster the team aspect. I am not sure giving someone a false sense of control is a long term strategy that I would use however as it will only delay the conflict and probably make it worse. I think the key is to not take it personally and to outline that the tasks are part of the job and they have to choose to take it or leave it. Unless I am the owner of the company I have a job to do as well as the people lower down the totem pole than I am and I need them to do their work so I can do mine. We all need each other’s cooperation to succeed. This is what feels best to me as of right now, one day I might find or be shown a flaw In it and I can only hope that I am flexible enough to adjust when the time comes.


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