Day 31, Killing/Death

Someone recently asked me what it felt like to kill an animal (looking into a raw diet). First some background on myself in regards to this topic. I do not hold a hunting license nor have I ever gone hunting although I would like to someday. I spent my early years on a small farm with Chickens, pigs, rabbits, dogs, at least 1 barn cat and 1-2 cows (can’t remember how many cows for sure), death was a very real part of life. Over the years I have put down several pets, wounded birds, rodents, fish and had a person die in my arms. I am no expert on killing or death although I have had enough experience to form my own thoughts on the topics.

The act of killing is an act which itself is devoid of feeling just like drinking or eating. The feelings that are usually associated with this action are felt because of the beliefs held by the person taking the action or thinking about it. I doubt anyone gets upset each time a mosquito gets squished because not many people value the life of a mosquito even though it is a life nonetheless. Now lets use a cat for example, Would you feel the same if some random alley cat was hit by a car compared to your own cat? My bet would be that your own cat would feel more intense due to the attachment that was built up over time. If your a dog person substitute the cat for a dog in the previous example.

The severity of the feeling experienced when killing will match your own personal beliefs and how much you value the life lost. There is a meme out there that goes like this: A soldier is asked what he feels when shooting a terrorist, his reply ” Recoil”. Killing is a part of life and survival within which we are each governed by our own moral code that we develop through life. I suggest holding to a moral code that feels good to you. Actions taken while angry will breed more anger, love breeds love etc. There is great value in being thankful for the food you eat.

I am an omnivore and I like to eat meat with a dash of veggies. I am fortunate to be able to get my food from the grocery store although I would have no problem killing the animals to provide my own food. Before any vegetarians out there get all up in arms, I ask you this, are plants not alive? how many plants have you raised to maturity before cutting them down in their prime to make a nice salad?  The pattern is the same, we grow or raise our food then prepare it for eating. Each of us gets to choose which life is more valuable to us and then can eat guilt free, if you do feel guilty for eating something perhaps you should ask yourself why?  To all of my fellow meat eaters, Could you kill the animal that your dinner is made from?

Death is also a major part of life as we are all guaranteed to have the experience at least once per lifetime. I have excepted this and the reality of it can be frightening at first. Coming to terms with my own mortality has been a extremely empowering experience by granting me clarity about things that I place importance on. I don’t get to take anything with me when I go which could be tomorrow or a hundred years from now. I choose to find peace and relief each day as that is how I want to live my life as long as I have it to live.

Death is Relief, relief from pain, suffering, torment and life. In every experience I have had where someone/something had died the one that does the dying finds relief and peace while the ones close by feel the pain of losing someone/something that they had became attached to. It is the attachment we develop and cling to that causes the pain and loss that we feel, not the death it-self. Depending on your personal beliefs your emotional response will vary to both killing and death which when shared might be seen as controversial by those people who are limited in their own beliefs. Actions on there own are meaningless, the motive behind the action means everything.



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