Day 26, Forgiveness

Today I have had the distinct pleasure of practicing the art of forgiveness. For the past few days I have been feeling Resentment towards Eli (the Angry freeloading couch potato). The resentment that I felt was the result of our confrontation the other day and I have been using that experience as an excuse to hold onto this pain.

There no benefit to me to holding onto this feeling for longer than necessary. I have tried to ignore my feelings as per my classic pattern of denial to no avail. Whenever I am not distracted my thoughts have drifted back to Eli and my resentment towards him. From within my resentment I have been unable to find my way out therefore I had to step outside of my resentment and question myself. My desire was clear, to release this negative feeling but the means to do so had eluded me for days. Next I posed the question ” How can let this go?”

I was reminded of a video I had watched not too long ago where a Nun was describing how forgiveness is not for the one who hurt you but instead is about releasing my own burden. Light bulb! Within five minutes I had reflected on the idea of Forgiveness enough to know that I could use this tool to find relief from my own suffering. It is really quite simple, I do not want to carry this burden so I have found a tool that will allow me to release it, Hallelujah.

Part of this process was recognizing my own pattern and taking an honest look at the results too see if they are actually what I desire. The results I had gotten in the past and was getting now were not as I desire them to be so it was logical to try a different approach. Now having forgiveness in my tool belt I have been able to free my burden and continue floating down stream. I can say without a doubt that I feel much better now than I did even a half hour ago.

The resentment I felt turned out to be of great value to me as I learned about the true value in forgiveness. Forgiveness breeds freedom from suffering.

I had to be selfish enough to forgive, who knew? lol

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