Day 18, Journal page 10

page 10

[[[It’s clear that in nature the sick, dying or wounded Will Retreat on their own until they are better or dead.                                               I am Wounded. I Will heal. step by step, day by day, moment by moment I will Feel my way to Healing.                      I am on my way to what I Want. I am doing it already.       Perhaps it would be easier to Find out who I am than to Figure it out.                       Let my life show me who I am. moment by moment going with the Flow.]]]


I do not know if the first part would be considered fact or not, I do know that any time I have seen a wounded animal they retreat to their “cave” or somewhere they feel safe until they feel like coming out. I react the same way when hurt, I retreat from public and seek the security of isolation until I feel better.  For me this feels natural to remove myself from outside influence until I can get myself sorted out. In my case it took me 30 years to learn how to let my wounds heal and that is assuming that I have begun to let the original ones recover. I feel different today than I did yesterday which tells me that I was successful in making a shift in my vibration. Time will tell.

“I am on my way to what I want. I am doing it already”. Hope lives in those words, hope and confidence that I am walking down the right path for me. It acknowledges that I have taken steps already and will continue down my “chosen” path. I have had minimal success standing still and trying to figure and plan my life out ahead of time. Going out and getting my hands dirty has been the best teacher for me personally. Seeing my own misery reflected back at me has been the biggest eye opener in my life, I just had to be willing to look in the first place ( looking at that which I fear the most).

{ Choices } Life is about making choices. If I decline to make a choice then someone will make it for me and I will come to resent them for it. It is better to choose a path and walk it for a while to see if its a good fit than to stand still. Take your power back and make your own decisions.

I choose to go with the flow (the current of my life), my emotions are my guide (compass), so I can look in the direction of my choosing.

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