Day 10, Charisma.

Last night I Was having a chat with a friend of mine in which we talked about this blog and some of his writing. During the conversation He Made it quite clear that I am seen to be charismatic by many people. I was shocked and still am surprised because I have never once thought that I might be charismatic. To me this came right out of left field and was worth taking note. I looked into the word a bit (not a lot) and found that it originally has spiritual heritage. This makes the revelation even more profound for me personally.

Ill try to explain my stance on spirituality. In my experience The physical, mental and spiritual selves are usually worked on or dealt with separately. Throughout my Christian upbringing and my learnings as an adult I have come to believe in what Christians call the holy trinity(Father, son and holy ghost), In my mind it means Mind, body and soul. All 3 are directly linked and changes to one effect the others because they are all one and the same. We the people have chosen to view the 3 aspects of one-self as divided or different for whatever reason. Perhaps The overlords from generations ago found it easier to control the population if they felt divided and if you feel divided on the inside then I guarantee that you will be divided on the outside. That is just how this shit works.

2 common ways of self improvement are to Reflect or look inward. I used to think that reflecting was to look back on past events and reflect upon them, I feel differently about that now. To reflect is actually to look outward at what the world(mirror) is reflecting back at me as the world can only show me what I hold inside. The second approach is introspection, Looking inward to see my-self. This is when things get interesting, I have previously talked about the futility of trying to control your environment(you can only control your own thoughts and actions). If you reflect on your surroundings and decide that you want to change something, taking physical action to move an object or person will only result in a temporary change. My environment is only a reflection of the beliefs/values that I hold inside.  The world in nothing more than a mirror showing my own reflection everywhere I look. In order to have lasting effect on my reflection I have to alter my-self. I can and will go into this in further detail in the future but for now I just wanted to give a reference for how I view spirituality. The basic idea is this: I have many components(mind, body, soul/spirit)  and they are all part of my-self.  much the way my body is made up of many components but is still one unit. If your liver fails, it impacts the whole body much the way having faulty ideals will affect your body and soul. This would be an example of Dis-ease.

Back to the idea of Charisma and spirituality.

From Wikipedia: The term charisma (/kəˈrɪzmə/; pl. charismata, adj. charismatic) has two senses:

[1] compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
2. a divinely conferred power or talent

Now I have never seen myself as being highly charismatic although I generally have an easy time getting along with a large range of people. The second part of the definition intrigues me greatly as does anything to do with divine powers or magic. The root word used to reference spiritual type charisma is charism. Charism is used to generalize many different “powers” or skills/abilities. Such talents include “Wisdom” “Knowledge” “Healing” “Miracles” “prophecy” “use of tongues” and “discernment of spirits”.  The above listed traits or skills as I would prefer to call them are things that some people come by naturally and others through study and practice. I believe that through self-improvement all of the above can be unlocked  as they are available to everyone who is open to them. I believe that by releasing my own limiting beliefs/values  that I allow an increasing amount of energy to flow through my being and bring renewed vigor with it.

Imagine that there is a river of well-being flowing through me at all times. Now picture how well that river flows with a dam placed in its way, That dam is built of all the resistant beliefs that I hold onto. This entire process is about me discovering why I am holding onto those logs(beliefs/values) and learning how to let them go so that my river can flow free and I can go with the flow.   The river still flows no matter what I do, I get to choose if I want to go with it or fight it.

I hesitate to say that I have any of the above mentioned “charism” skills although I am usually able to see through bullshit and often have wisdom to share with those who ask for it. The more I clean up my own vibration(signal that my being is sending to the universe which is then matched by the law of attraction),  The more my river flows and the more alive I feel.

Make no mistake, this is a journey to center of self and It can get bumpy driving over all of the bullshit that has accumulated along the way. The journey itself so far is proving to be the adventure of my lifetime.



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